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Who Are We?

Located in the heart of Hunter Valley's stunning landscapes, AltHunter Digital stands as a leader in digital marketing for local businesses. We are dedicated to crafting and delivering high-quality, quote-ready leads through strategic advertising on major social media platforms. Our expertise is more than just lead generation; it’s about fostering sustainable growth for your business. We focus on connecting you with clients who are interested and ready to commit, streamlining your sales and supporting growth. With AltHunter Digital, you're not just getting leads; you're building a foundation for prosperous future.

Hunters and Gatherers

Hunt Content

To begin, we'll collect visuals and details that portray the heart of your craft. This will be the backbone of our campaign that we will promote to your soon-to-be clients.

Publish Ads

Ads are the key. We design unique creatives for your company, then meticiously and strategically promote these ads on social media to haul in cilents to your business.

Gather Leads

Lastly, we collect the details of genuinely interested individuals to contact directly. We elimiate time-wasters gawkers, landing quality leads in your hands for quotes.

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